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• Candid Wedding Photography

The candid photographers will be capturing portraits and natural movements of the close family, members, friends and relatives. It gives a creative and Modern touch to the wedding photography.

  • Traditional Wedding Photography

The traditional Photographer focuses on the groups, ceremonies (vidhis), along with the candid photographer.

Cinematography / Videography

• Documentary Wedding Film ( Movie Reel )
Wedding story in the form of a beautiful movie with Glimpse of Highlight of around 12-14 mins

• High Defination Videography
It will be HD videographers or may be live switching between 2-4 cameras along with Jib / Crane or Steady cam depending upon the requirement

Pre – Wedding Photoshoot

• You can take us to your preferred place for a pre-wedding photoshoot or else we can guide you about the place where you can chit-chat, relax and have fun, mainly Historical places, Beach or Farmhouse . we will be capturing all this movements of yours in the Background.

• We will also make a concept video at the same place where we will have Pre-Wedding Photo shoot .This can be played at the Sangeet or Reception or for your own preference.

Online Web Gallery

• The Best Pictures will be selected and Edited by our Team and will be Uploaded within 2-3 Weeks time

• Pictures Will be displayed on our Website and Facebook Page (if you wish)

• Highlight Clip of around 8-12mins will be uploaded on the YouTube and on our Website. (if you wish)

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